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Our Carbon Farmers

Wilco and Debbina

BOER IN NATUUR, Regenerative Agriculture in The Netherlands

Land stored carbon
The Netherlands
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Status: ONCRA Certified
Verification Number: BIN-M-B001-0121
TRL: 9
First issuance of Credits: 2022


Boer in Natuur is a unique farm located in Uden, Netherlands. We are more than just a farm; we also serve as a nature reserve and a testing ground for innovative agricultural practices, especially in developing food forests. Our mission is to work in harmony with nature using sustainable farming methods that benefit both people and animals. We practice minimal intervention, allowing our animals to roam freely and forage. Our products include unique items like food forest muesli and farm-fresh yogurt.

Additionally, Boer in Natuur offers Carbon Certificates as a concrete way to combat climate change. By purchasing these certificates, you support our regional carbon sequestration efforts and contribute to reliable CO₂ storage in the soil.

About our carbon farmer

The carbon is removed by Wilco and Debbie from Boer in Natuur, with head office in Slabroek, The Netherlands. Wilco has been an organic farmer for 20 years, with experience in care and nature management. His motivation is to bring agriculture and nature closer together. Debbina is a veterinarian, but her second passion is food, both for now and for the future.