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Our Carbon Farmers



Land stored carbon
Merksplas, BE
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Status: ONCRA Certified
Validation Number: BBL-L-008
TRL: 9
First issuance: 2023


Bamboo, the fastest growing grass, offers significant environmental advantages like its CO₂ sequestration and oxygen production. Beyond carbon capture, bamboo enhances soil quality by efficiently absorbing nitrate, retaining water, preventing erosion, and promoting soil regeneration. With a lifespan of 60 to 100 years, bamboo requires only one-time planting and rapidly regrows after harvesting, making it a highly renewable resource. Bamboo serves as an eco-friendly alternative to fossil-based materials like concrete, steel, and PVC. Its year-round greenery fosters a biodiverse ecosystem, supporting plants, mushrooms, insects, and animals while efficiently retaining water.

About our carbon farmer

Mark Oprins is a dedicated bamboo expert with extensive experience in propagating and cultivating various bamboo species alongside his father. He has witnessed firsthand the positive impact of bamboo on nature, climate, and communities across different regions worldwide.Believing strongly in bamboo's potential as a raw material for biobased products and its benefits for soil and climate, Mark established this bamboo field near Merksplas, in northern Belgium. His work highlights the transformative power of bamboo in promoting sustainability and ecological health.